Type specific messages

Some of the messages are accepted only by specific components.

Brush control

Brush styles

Specific brush messages accepted by the following components: rect | ellipse | polygon | curve | layer.


The brush style default value is solid. For the layer object, the brush style default value is none.

Example Setting a rectangle style :

/ITL/scene/rect set rect 0.5 0.5 ;
/ITL/scene/rect brushStyle dense4; 

Width and height control

width and height messages are accepted by the following components: rect | ellipse | arc | graph | fastgraph | grid | pianoroll | pianorollf.


Note: Querying the width and height of any object is always supported, provided that the object has been graphically rendered.

Symbolic score

The following messages are accepted by the components types gmn | gmnstream | gmnf.


Example Displaying a multi-pages score on two pages starting at page 3:

/ITL/scene/myScore columns 2 ;
/ITL/scene/myScore page 3 ;


Example Writing a score in 3 steps:

/ITL/scene/myScore set gmnstream "[ c"; 
/ITL/scene/myScore write " d e";
/ITL/scene/myScore write " f]";

Piano roll

The following messages are accepted by the components types pianoroll | pianorollstream | pianorollf.


Example Set a color on voice 2 with transparency and display C and F pitch lines:

/ITL/scene/myPianoroll voiceColor 2 154 234 45 100;
/ITL/scene/myPianoroll pitchLines 'C' 'F';

Removes the pitch lines:

/ITL/scene/myPianoroll pitchLines empty;

Piano roll streams support the same messages than Guido streams:


Example Writing a pianoroll in 3 steps:

/ITL/scene/myPianoroll set pianorollstream "[ c"; 
/ITL/scene/myPianoroll write " d e";
/ITL/scene/myPianoroll write " f]";


A video object has an own internal time and duration that is independant from the INScore time and duration. This video time is controlled using specific messages.


The video position may be updated while the video is playing.

A video object supports also specific queries:


A video object supports specific events (see section typespecevents for more details).

Example Playing a video at half speed:

/ITL/scene/video set video "Video.mp4"; 
/ITL/scene/video rate 0.5;
/ITL/scene/video play 1";

Note: Depending on the video encoding and on the platform renderer, setting the video current position using the vdate message may be aligned to key frames.

Supported video formats are highly dependent on the platform, as well as the video specific features (e.g. setting the playing rate that may or may not be supported, or may behave differently).

SVG Objects

The following message is accepted by the SVG components (types svg | svgf).


Note: SVG objects are rendered using the Qt SVG Renderer and suffer the Qt limitations. For example and with Qt 5.5, xlinks are not supported.


Rectangles (type rect) accept a radius message that can be used to draw rounded rectangles.



Arcs are portion of ellipses. Although an arc is specified by it's set message, it supports additional messages to control the start angles and the arc extension individually. An additional close message affects the drawing of the arc.


Angles are in degrees and express counter-clockwise directions.

The 'grid' object

The grid object provides a pre-defined time to graphic mapping organized in columns and row. By default, it is not visible (white, transparent) but supports all the attributes of rectangles (color, pen, effects, etc.). Each element of a grid has a duration that is computed as the grid duration divided by the total number of elements ( columns x rows) and is placed in the time space from the date 0 to the end of the grid duration.


Example Creating a 10 x 10 grid organized from top to bottom with a border:

/ITL/scene/grid set grid 10 10 ;
/ITL/scene/grid xborder 3. ;
/ITL/scene/grid yborder 3. ;
/ITL/scene/grid order topbottom ;


Specific arrows message is accepted by the component type line. It add capability to draw arrow heads to the begining and the end of a line object.


The arrow style default value is none.

Textual objects

Font control

Specific font messages are accepted by txt html txtf and htmlf components.




Example Setting a text object with a font family Times and bold weight:

/ITL/scene/text set txt "text sample";
/ITL/scene/text fontFamily Times;
/ITL/scene/text fontWeight bold;  


Textual objects support writing in a stream-like way.



/ITL/scene/text set txt "Hello";
/ITL/scene/text write "world!";

The 'debug' nodes

Each component includes a static debug nodes provided to give information about components.