The INScore Project

The INScore Project is an open source project hosted on github. INScore is an environment for the design of interactive augmented music scores that runs on Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Recently, an online version of the environment is also available.

This site documents the version 1.32 of the INScore scripting language.

INScore was initiated in the Interlude project, funded by the French National Research Agency [ANR- 08-CORD-010].

I would like to thank all the people who have been contributing to INScore design and development, and especially:

Julien Aldon, Kevin Bardotti, Christophe Daudin, Sarah Denoux, Martin Carlé, Guillaume Gouilloux, Joachim Heintz, Camille Le Roi, Gabriel Lepetit-Aimon, Arnaud Margaillan, Eric Ravel.

Many thanks also to the Interlude team - Frédéric Bevilacqua, Norbert Schnell, Nicolas Rasamimanana, Emmanuel Fléty, Fabrice Guédy, Jean-Louis Frechin, Uros Petrevski, Bernard Garabédian, Rémi Dury, Bruno Verbrugghe - who contributed to the elaboration of the project foundations.

And of course, warmest thanks to my colleagues and friends Stéphane Letz and Yann Orlarey.

Dominique Fober